Innovative Outdoorsman Marketing is a full service Canadian-based marketing company founded in 2002 that specializes in message management.  We focus on providing our clients with a strong and comprehensive support system to ensure that their business plan is successfully marketed in to reality.  As the famed management consultant Peter Drucker taught, a company`s innovation and marketing are the only things that company does that produce results.  Our clients are exceptional innovators.  We ensure that those innovations are successfully marketed  to achieve the results our clients  are looking for.


Great, but what is ``message management``?  Good question!  It is not message strategy – having a goal and ensuring that your company`s message effectively positions the company and its products to achieve that goal.  It is not making sure that the company`s message matches their actions.  That`s brand integrity.  We are quite good at helping our clients achieve both of these things quickly and efficiently, but they are not message management.


Message management, as we define it, is ensuring that the company`s message remains constant and consistent from ``the boss`s mind through to the consumer`s hand.``  We believe that the message must be the same, no matter how you come in to contact with it.  Whether you are an employee, a supplier, a distributor, a marketing partner, a retailer, or the end consumer, the message is the same, regardless of the medium you interact with it in.



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